A Selection of Courses

I have presented and taught at the high school, under-graduate, and graduate level as well as for non-profit organizations. Here are a few of the courses that I have delivered.

Crash Course in Project Management

A project is a problem scheduled for a solution. In this course, students will learn how to identify the right problems, build the right kind of plan to solve them successfully, and overcome the most common barriers to success in each of the Project Management Institute's ten project knowledge areas.

(Advanced) Project Management Essentials

Looking to get into Project Management? Already a Project Management professional, but not sure if you're focused on the right things? This workshop will explore the core competencies required of Project Managers and how to use them to achieve better project results.

The Secret Is Not the Secret

At some point, we'll all find ourselves looking for a new job. How can we shorten the transition and be ready for the best opportunities?

The Only Way Out Is Through

Advice for new Grad Students and anyone else facing a huge new challenge.

Compounding Value

We all need to accomplish more with less, and that usually means having to accomplish more than one thing at the same time. I gave this talk to the MBA community at Mount St. Mary's.